Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs


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Includes Employee and Manager courses

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Workplace violence is an issue that can affect any organization, of any size, in any industry.

This training video takes on this important topic without sensationalizing, but by approaching the subject directly and honestly.

Stephen White is a leading expert on workplace violence. Over the past twenty years, Dr. White has consulted on thousands of threat cases for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations of all sizes, both public and private. In this workplace violence training video, Dr. White draws from his experiences to dispel some of the common myths about workplace violence, while providing a better understanding of what you should be aware of to help keep your workplace safe.

The Employee Version of this video details the ten warning signs of workplace violence, as seen from the employee perspective.

The Manager Version provides supervisors with additional content, including guidelines for holding information-gathering meetings, confronting an aggressor, or terminating a problem employee.

Order both manager and employee versions together to ensure your entire workforce becomes tuned in to what to look for and understands what they can do to lessen the chances of a violent encounter.

Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs


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"I really like that the violence in the workplace video is not outdated. Very important to keep employees tuned in."Ana Avila

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"Your videos seem to be the most informative and in terms that employees relate to. Also, you have up-to-date videos, which help when delivering training that can otherwise be mundane."Kristina Clay, PHR

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