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Make workplaces better, for everyone

Engaging, innovative and easy-to-use online training solutions that change perspectives, achieve compliance and elevate culture

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Partnered with the world's largest employment law firm & the largest HR professional society

change perspectives

Change Perspectives

We combine top Hollywood talent, legal expertise and instructional design to create the highest quality, most engaging eLearning experience available.

Our interactive courses are refreshed yearly with new videos, sets, actors and relatable, real-life stories. Participants gain new insights about others and discover personal and practical ways to affect positive change. Learners rate our courses a 9.1 out of 10.

Achieve Compliance

Compliance can be daunting—but we have your back. Through our partnership with Littler, the world’s leading employment law firm, our 100% compliant courses help you stay current with changing federal laws and new state requirements.

Our purpose-built eLearning platform can be customized to your needs, making administration a breeze.

elevate culture

Elevate Culture

We’re on a mission to help you create and maintain a work environment where everyone feels included and valued.

Because our Harassment Prevention and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training courses are designed to change behaviors, you’ll get the most effective tools to elevate your culture. After training, 97% of our learners report they can better identify and deal with issues.

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Our award-winning training is different than anything you have seen before. 100% original video content – no stock videos or talking heads.

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