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Equity & Inclusion

The only online DEI training solution that provides actionable guidance through real-life stories.

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Successful DEI programs start with creating shared understanding.

That's why we at Kantola developed a training solution that will help you establish a solid DEI foundation through continuous learning for the whole organization. Our courses are developed with a simple goal in mind: Providing all your employees with an outstanding story-based learning experience that goes beyond creating awareness by offering actionable guidance.

We also recognize the pivotal role of managers in making DEI work. Our Inclusive Management course series is specifically tailored to your managers’ top DEI training needs—equipping them with the tools and practical guidance they need to become truly inclusive team leaders.

Building a DEI Foundation

Effective DEI training that helps turn awareness into action

Our foundational DEI training is relevant for employees at all levels of your organization. This all-staff course combines relatable scenarios, real workplace stories, candid interviews and meaningful exercises and actionable guidance.

Story-based learning engages participants, and helps them discover that people can experience the same workplace in very different ways. Your employees will be asked to make choices and will practice what they learn through highly interactive scenarios that fit with our current social climate.

Our all-staff DEI training is refreshed regularly to meet your needs in this constantly evolving topic.

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DEI training that’s relevant for everyone:

  • Key DEI definitions and concepts
  • Insights from a variety of people sharing different workplace experiences
  • Real-life stories that make DEI relatable for everyone
  • Special focus on constructive communication
  • Direction on thoughtful ways to give and receive feedback
  • Actionable guidance employees can use in daily work situations

Providing actionable guidance through real workplace stories

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion trailer

The Kantola customer testimonial video

Watch how these nine individuals describe their real workplace experiences:

Adejumoke's video describing his real workplace experiences
Amber's video describing her real workplace experiences
Brian's video describing her real workplace experiences
Darius's video describing his real workplace experiences
Dustin's video describing her real workplace experiences
Jennifer's video describing her real workplace experiences
Mean's video describing his real workplace experiences
Rachel's video describing her real workplace experiences
Virginia's video describing his real workplace experiences

DEI Resources

Impactful training is just one critical component of a successful DEI program

That’s why we offer insights, perspectives and research through Kantola Connects, a resource hub with articles, videos, webinars, whitepapers, and frameworks that help organizations cultivate a workplace that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. Kantola’s thought leadership content has been published by, Risk Management, National Law Review, HR Morning and more. You’ll get:


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