"Easy to access. Anytime, anywhere content. Easy to understand and gain knowledge about workplace harassment. It's perfect."
Greenland USA

"Kantola's services saves my company time by providing the state-required training online. It is convenient and user friendly for the employees that have to take the training."

"We are VERY pleased with the training. I'd love to explore other topics to add to our offerings. As the platform Administrator I absolutely love the ease of use and ability to "ping" people who need reminders."
Silicon Valley Leadership Group

"Thank you for making everything so easy and efficient. You guys are really great to do business with."
W R Systems, Ltd.

"We used Kantola at my previous employer so I knew what I was getting when I ordered. When I presented with this new company, I heard from many people that the video was a fantastic training tool. It has been well received by hundreds!"
Oregon Trail Electrc Co-op

"Easy to access; good price. Results are easy to look up. Confidential."
Disability Rights of Texas

"Easy to administer, compliant with law requirements, interactive."
Roto Rooter Services Corporation

"Easy to navigate. Easily track individual training. Quality videos."
Coastal Pines Technical College

"Easy, convenient, inexpensive."

"Easy, simple and convenient"
Sheathing Technologies

"Excellent customer service. Easy to use. Great technical support."
Tecan Systems

"Exceptional customer service. High-quality course content. Reasonable pricing."

"Fast implementation. Anti-Harassment training for all specific / required states. Cost effective. Attentive / not pushy sales person."
Assembly Biosciences

"Great information, the interactive sections are a great learning tool and the course is easy to understand. Being able to stop the course and come back without having to start over is also a great feature!"
Hausfeld LLP

"Great training content. Easy system to use. System generated reminders."
Stauber USA

"It is easy to use. The customer service is great. Great bang for the buck."
HR Humareso

"It meets the required interactive component, it is up to date with technology (lighting, quality of video), it's easy to understand and has relevant (and current) information."
Ryhan's Center of Hope

"It's easy to navigate and the support staff at Kantola is very helpful."
AmericanStar Trailways

"Kantola training has a user friendly interface, it is extremely helpful when it comes to communication in a workplace environment, and the help center customer service is of the highest level of professionalism."
Mariani Nut Company

"Practical content, training is relevant to various workplaces. Courteous, fast responses from the Kantola representatives. Easy to administer at both company and location admin levels."