"The training is easy to follow. I like that didn't allow you to continue if you don't answer correctly. It is entertaining. Keep doing what you are doing."
Chavez Super Markets

"The training was interesting and engaging."
Paraco Gas

"This service makes my job so easy! I can stay compliant without a lot of fuss."
Burns and Sons Trucking

"User-friendly, easy to administer (for HR), provides actual workplace scenarios (corporate setting)"
YM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood

"The setup was seamless and the system is very user friendly. The response time for a question and or problem was extremely quick. The metrics that you can look at are great. I have no reason not to recommend Kantola! I will definitely be utilizing Kantola again and recommending it to my HR network!"

"Greatest customer service ever!"
San Diego Human Resources Consortium

"Easy platform to learn/use, good customer service, competitive pricing, strong library of courses. Very pleased so far."

"I am very happy with the training videos that I purchased. The quality is great and they all cover very important topics. The content is much better compared to other videos we have used in the past."
Customized Distribution Services, Inc.

"The website is user friendly. The content is easy to understand. This is an easy way to provide in-services for staff."
Headwaters Cannabis

"Nice new interface. The harassment video had great acting--it was not cheesy! Great customer service."

"It is relatively easy to use. The videos feel relevant and not outdated or corny."

"Convenient to use during work hours for required training to reach all staff. Informative - gets necessary training to staff when they can learn best. Compliant - provides the training we need to ensure all staff is knowledgeable about workplace compliance concerns. The topics are pertinent to our needs and cover almost all training that our staff requires."
Health Partnership Clinic

"Easy to use. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Fully confident that the course purchased is compliant with all applicable employment laws. Keep on providing such excellent support and helpful advice to prospective and existing customers!"
Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

"Easy system for employees to use. Very thorough. Lots of other courses for employees to learn from."
ICC Industries

"I like that the courses are compliant with state and federal laws. The trainings are very thorough and clear up a lot of unknowns."

"Effective training vignettes, excellent value."
Consensus Orthopedics

"Low hassle factor, easy to administer and track progress."
Scheck & Siress Prosthetics

"My employees speak very highly of the training, indicating that it is much better than others they have done. It is easy to administer."
Paragon Legal

"It's very simple to use, love the updated material, the support is great."

"Very informative, we can answer questions, example videos help understand better. Makes tracking super easy. Great company to work with!"
KKW Trucking