"I like that the courses are compliant with state and federal laws. The trainings are very thorough and clear up a lot of unknowns."

"Effective training vignettes, excellent value."
Consensus Orthopedics

"Low hassle factor, easy to administer and track progress."
Scheck & Siress Prosthetics

"My employees speak very highly of the training, indicating that it is much better than others they have done. It is easy to administer."
Paragon Legal

"It's very simple to use, love the updated material, the support is great."

"Very informative, we can answer questions, example videos help understand better. Makes tracking super easy. Great company to work with!"
KKW Trucking

"Kantola is efficient, easy to enter new hires, able to review who has completed their training, and easy to print/download."
PGH Wong Engineering

"Protects them from making an accidental mistake in the workplace; Gives good information about when to report or not report incident."
Weissman Law

"Professional videos, easy to use, takes the pressure off the manager to hold the training session."
Quincy Media

"Realistic workplace scenarios displayed, succinct information, videos not too long. 10/10 would recommend!"
Family Health Centers of Baltimore

"Site is user friendly, easy to add, delete, and send emails to users. Streaming version has a certificate you can print for group training. The trainings are informative and allows for group participation."

"The videos that Kantola provides are very engaging. The acting and story lines are believable and it keeps the employee engaged which better helps understand what is being presented. The services are affordable as well. GREAT customer service! I do not have any reason why I would not recommend Kantola to a colleague or other companies."
Guaranteed Rate

"Ease of use and tracking dashboard. Quality of content, real-life situations and well-produced video. Great support. I am very pleased with my purchase and have told other partners about Kantola. I think you have a great product."

"The training is very easy to use. The interactive features assist with keeping employees engaged."
Crestline Hotels & Resorts

"Easy to use. Provides a good understanding of what a harassment-free environment should be like."
Staples Construction

"Easy, short, helpful!"

"Relevant courses, professionalism of actors in the videos and customer service for our account."

"Very user friendly, customer reps were extremely helpful, cost friendly."
Mortgage Capital Trading

"Kantola is very informative, user friendly, and captures what we need."
Foundation for the Carolinas

"Easily accessible, user friendly, provides training in Spanish, real world examples,"
Headwaters Cannabis