Stanford Executive Briefings

Acting with Power
  -  Deborah Gruenfeld
The Adaptive Organization
  -  Richard Roi, Ed.D., Todd Pierce
The Art of Leadership
  -  Doug Conant
Authentic Leadership
  -  Lloyd Minor
The Best Service is No Service
  -  Bill Price
Bill Gates in Conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy
  -  Bill Gates
Billion-Dollar Lessons
  -  Chunka Mui
Brand Race
  -  David Aaker
Building a Feedback-Positive Organization
  -  David Bradford, Scott Brady
Building a Winning Team
  -  Jon Gordon
Building Personal Networks
  -  James Baron
Building the Market-Focused Culture
  -  Hayagreeva Rao
Built to Change
  -  Edward Lawler, Christopher Worley
The Business of Change
  -  Garth Saloner
Capabilities-Driven Strategy
  -  Paul Leinwand
Change Management and Strategic Planning
  -  Roberta Katz
The Changing Landscape of Marketing
  -  Itamar Simonson
Coaching a Winning Team
  -  Tara VanDerveer
Collective Leadership
  -  Jim Quigley
Common Purpose
  -  Joel Kurtzman
Creating Infectious Action
  -  Jennifer Aaker
Creating the Future
  -  Dr. Gary Hamel
Creating Winning Social Media Strategies
  -  Charlene Li
Creative Confidence
  -  David Kelley, Jim Plummer
Creativity: The Pixar Process
  -  Ed Catmull
Customer-Centric Innovation
  -  Lara Lee
Diversity: Helping Outsiders Become Insiders
  -  Greg Walton
Doing Well and Doing Good
  -  Jeffrey Swartz
Don't Just Set Prices: Manage Them Strategically
  -  Tom Nagle
E-Economics: Demystifying Bitcoin
  -  Susan Athey
Emotion vs. Analytics
  -  Baba Shiv
The Exceptional Leader
  -  Jack Zenger, PhD
Executing Your Strategy
  -  Raymond Levitt
Fear of Feedback
  -  Myra Strober, Jay Jackman
Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets
  -  James Hollingshead, PhD
Garage-Based Innovation
  -  Phil McKinney
Gen Y Decoded
  -  Kit Yarrow
Getting (More of) What You Want: Negotiating Deals Big and Small
  -  Thomas Lys, Margaret Neale
Getting from Little Bets to Big Breakthroughs
  -  Peter Sims
Getting the Best from Others
  -  Doug Harris
Good Boss, Bad Boss
  -  Robert Sutton
Happiness Matters
  -  Tony Hsieh
Hard Facts, Dangerous Half Truths, and Total Nonsense
  -  Robert Sutton
How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People
  -  Charles O'Reilly III
How Great Decisions Get Made
  -  Don Maruska
How Leaders Boost Productivity
  -  Jack Zenger, PhD
How to Manage People Through Continuous Change
  -  Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
How to Think Like a Start-Up Leader
  -  Steve Blank
Idea Hunting
  -  Andy Boynton
Implementing Strategy
  -  Jennifer Chatman
Infinite Reality
  -  Jeremy Bailenson
Influence: How to Build Effective Relationships and Allies
  -  Carole Robin
The Innovation Engine
  -  Tina Seelig
The Inspiring Leader
  -  Jack Zenger, PhD
Intelligent Strategy
  -  Richard Rumelt
The Invention Cycle
  -  Tina Seelig
Judging Talent
  -  Frank Flynn
Judo Strategy
  -  David B. Yoffie
A Leader's Legacy
  -  Jim Kouzes
Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces One Truth at a Time
  -  Jeffrey Pfeffer
Leadership for Innovation
  -  Linda Hill
Leadership Lessons from the Gridiron
  -  Steve Young
Leadership Lessons Learned the Hard Way
  -  Pat Gelsinger
Leading by Example
  -  George Zimmer
Leading in a Connected World
  -  Rob Cross
Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage
  -  Anil Gupta
Leveraging the Spotlight of Leadership
  -  Jay Conger
Leveraging What Small Business Knows
  -  Paul Oyer
Liberating Leadership
  -  Isaac Getz
Managing the Millennials
  -  Alec Levenson
Managing Trust
  -  Richard Edelman
The Mastery of Speaking as a Leader
  -  Terry Pearce
Mindset, Motivation and Leadership
  -  Carol Dweck
Minimizing Gender Biases in the Workplace
  -  Shelley J. Correll
Mining Talent
  -  George Anders
Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies
  -  Margaret Neale
The Opportunity and Threat of Disruptive Technologies
  -  Clayton Christensen
Organizing Your Business Around the Customer
  -  Roger Siboni
People-First Management
  -  Daniel P. Amos
Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works
  -  A.G. Lafley, Roger L. Martin
The Power of Persuasion
  -  Robert Cialdini
Power: How to Get It, Use It, and Keep It
  -  Jeffrey Pfeffer
Preparing for Long Life in the 21st Century
  -  Laura Carstensen
Preventing Burnout in Your Organization
  -  Christina Maslach
The Psychology of Power
  -  Deborah Gruenfeld
Rapid Transformation
  -  Ann Livermore, Safra Catz
Red Queen Competition: A Dynamic View of Strategy
  -  William P. Barnett
Reinventing the Way We Do Business
  -  Ed Whitacre
Revolutionary Leadership
  -  Gary Hamel
The Risk Matrix
  -  George Day
Rookie Smarts: Reclaim Your Competitive Edge
  -  Liz Wiseman
Scaling Up Excellence
  -  Robert Sutton
The Search for Life After Planning
  -  John R. (Rick) Berthold
Seven Principles for Building Successful Businesses
  -  David DeWalt
Simple Rules: Thriving in a Complex World
  -  Kathleen Eisenhardt
Six Skills of High-Scale Entrepreneurs
  -  Amy Wilkinson
Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations
  -  Patrick Cleary
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Stanford Personal Subscription Library
The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating
  -  Margaret Neale
Strategic Decision-Making
  -  David Demarest
Strategies for Selling
  -  James Healy
Strategy and the Purpose-Driven Leader
  -  Cynthia Montgomery
Strategy by Design
  -  Tim Brown
Strategy for Transformational Change
  -  Brad Smith
Sustainability Matters
  -  William Barnett
Three Keys to Becoming a Great Leader
  -  Susan Packard
The Values-Based Leader
  -  Harry Kraemer
What Drives Phenomenal Success?
  -  Colleen Barrett
Why Don't We Naturally Make Good Decisions?
  -  Ron Howard
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
  -  Robert Sapolsky
Winners (Don't) Take All
  -  Margaret Neale
  -  Deborah Ancona

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