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Workplace Violence Prevention Online Training

Workplace Violence Prevention

Scenario-based online training to maintain a safe work environment

Protect your employees

All organizations are responsible for preventing workplace violence, regardless of the industry or work environment. Awareness and preparation are key to preventing violence in the workplace and maintaining a safe and respectful work culture.

Training everyone in your organization is not only essential to raise awareness of the different types of workplace violence, but it also encourages employees to report their concerns and respond effectively when situations escalate.

Our 30-minute training teaches your employees how to recognize warning signs and risk factors, what to do if workplace violence concerns arise, and how to protect themselves in an incident. We also offer a version that complies with California regulations (will require customization).

An interactive course that covers

  • Risk factors and warnings signs
  • Recognizing threats of violence
  • Domestic violence and how it affects the workplace
  • How to report concerns about a coworker’s behavior
  • De-escalation techniques and how to use them
  • Organizational policies on workplace violence
  • How employees can protect themselves and others if violence occurs

Change perspectives. Achieve compliance. Elevate culture.

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