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Washington Harassment prevention
What Employers Should Know About

Washington Sexual Harassment Prevention Training



Hotels, motels, retail organizations, security guard entities, or property services contractors must begin providing sexual harassment training to specific employees

Recent changes:

SB 5258 was signed by the Governor on May 13, 2019 requiring sexual harassment training for certain employees

Relevant Washington laws1:

SB 5258; RCW 49.60

What companies must provide training:

Any hotel, motel, retail, or security guard entity, or property services contractor2, who employs an “employee”3

Who must be trained:

Managers, supervisors and any individual who spends a majority of her or his working hours alone, or whose primary work responsibility involves working without another coworker present, and who is employed by an employer as a janitor, security guard4, hotel or motel housekeeper, or room service attendant

How frequently must employees be trained:

The law does not make any reference to a required training frequency

When must employees be trained:

Hotels/motels with sixty (60) or more rooms must complete training by January 1, 2020. All other required employers must complete training by January 1, 2021. The law does not specify how quickly a new hire/promote must be trained.

Minimum training requirements:

  • The training must be designed to:
    • Prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace
    • Prevent sexual discrimination in the workplace
    • Educate the employer's workforce regarding protection for employees who report violations of a state or federal law, rule, or regulation
    • Provide a list of resources for the employer's employees to utilize. At a minimum, the resources must include contact information of the equal employment opportunity commission, the Washington state human rights commission, and local advocacy groups focused on preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Required employers must also adopt a sexual harassment policy
  • Property services contractors must submit to Department of Labor and Industries the number of managers, supervisors, and employees trained and date of adoption of the sexual harassment policy
  • The law does not specify time or interactivity requirements

SB5258 also includes a few other non-sexual harassment training requirements:

  • Every hotel, motel, retail, or security guard entity, or property services contractor, who employs an “employee”3, must provide a panic button5 to each “employee.” This does not apply to contracted security guard companies listed in The Revised Code of Washington 18.170
  • A property services contractor shall submit the following to the department the physical address of the work location or locations at which janitorial services are provided by workers of the property services contractor, and for each location: (A) total number of workers or contractors who perform janitorial services; and (B) total hours worked

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