Case Study: Southern Plains Co-op

Estevan, Saskatchewan

A Kantola customer since 1997

Southern Plains Co-op operates three member-owned retail grocery stores along with service stations and petroleum delivery as part of the 3,000-employee Federated Co-Operatives, Ltd. of Western Canada.

Carol McKay recently purchased a number of Kantola Productions videos to develop a skills library for manager and supervisor training.

Manager and supervisor training

Carol prefers to lead concentrated sessions that focus on strengthening basic skill sets (such as better listening or being more organized). She begins with a 10- to 15-minute presentation of the subject matter based on Kantola study guides, when available, supplemented by her own research. After presenting the background and training content, Carol shows Kantola videos for review and reinforcement. She encourages questions throughout as well as input from the group, saying that it’s the best way for her attendees to really learn the content.

Video keeps attention focused

Carol has held classes for as few as three to four managers all the way up to groups of twenty or more. As the classes are often held after hours, retaining attendee attention and engagement is a Number One priority. Kantola videos fit this need, being both entertaining (to catch viewers’ interest) and educational (to ensure the content is absorbed).