Case Study: Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority

McDonough, Georgia

A Kantola customer since 2005

Claudia Cooper, the Benefits Coordinator of Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority in McDonough, Georgia, with the assistance of Margaret Williams, HR Coordinator, has added a dozen or so Kantola video training programs to her collection since 2008.

“How videos are used depends on the subject itself and the needs of the audience,” says Claudia, “and in all the ways we use them, video training makes a difference.”

Here's how she likes to use them in training:

Self-paced learning

For those programs that are more self-paced, such as customer service training videos, Claudia distributes the videos to managers and supervisors to be handed out for self-study by employees who need a touch-up or who have gaps in their customer service skills.

Group training

Claudia's crew chiefs also use videos at lunch times or on rainy days to cover important subjects that might affect their crews when they are out in the field, such as sexual harassment training.

Facilitated workshops

For those subjects that are more complicated or require elaboration on agency policies, Claudia and her HR Director co-facilitate workshops that incorporate Kantola's printed study guides and instructor's manuals. After a recent workshop on improving management skills using “Performance Appraisals: Getting Results,” they noticed especially positive results. Attendees gave great feedback, thanking her for providing solutions for improving employee performance and helping clarify a lot of areas that they didn't previously understand.

Next: Real-life workshops

Because this performance management workshop made such a difference, Claudia says, she's now planning an expanded program on training managers and supervisors on legal requirements. This program will be based on three Kantola training videos. She plans to show the videos, lead class discussions, and add in-house case studies from actual situations the agency has experienced.