Case Study: DAV Industries

Spring Valley, California

A Kantola customer since 2007

DAV Industries, based in Spring Valley, California, operates three Veterans Thrift Stores for Disabled American Veterans. Every year, this worthwhile nonprofit chooses a different theme for its quarterly management meetings. In 2010, the theme was “teamwork” and in 2011 the theme is “customer service.”

Quarterly management training

Office manager Teri Sutton has ordered four Kantola customer service videos and plans to present one video at each quarterly meeting this year. The 15 or so managers will watch each video together during the meeting followed by a group discussion of the content, led by Teri and her HR colleague. After the meeting, the managers will take each video with them to show to the over 100 employees divided among the store locations.

Videos stand alone

Teri feels that Kantola videos offer a complete training experience. Since the videos provide the content and cover the subject matter thoroughly, she does not have to spend the time doing further research on her own in order to present topics that align with her annual theme—thus providing Teri with a complete and timesaving solution when preparing for her quarterly management meetings.