Valuing Diversity at the Interpersonal Level


valuing diversity1
respecting diversity
workplace diversity

Please Note: This video has been discontinued and replaced by a newer title:

Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences.

Help your employees thrive in a diverse environment.

We're all different. We have different work methods, different communication styles, and different personal values. Watch as our cameras follow the sometimes smooth, and sometimes not-so-smooth, interactions within a diverse set of coworkers in a downtown restaurant. All too often, simple biases and assumptions get in the way of open communication.

This diversity training video reminds us that cross-cultural communication is a skill. No one is perfect, but with practice, all of us can become better at it. 

Valuing Diversity at the Interpersonal Level


17 Minutes



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"Nice brief video that can start discussion. Thanks for offering videos at a realistic price!"Cindi Radant

Director, HR
Good Shepherd Care Center
St. Paul, MN

"Very well done. I had a difficult time finding a training video that covered cultural diversity to show to new hires."Donna Jones

Manager of Office Operations
Catholic Charities
Wilmington, DE