Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace eLearning — New York Employees


Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace NY Employee Version (40 mins)
Other Versions:
  NY Manager Version (1 hour)
    Interactive eLearning (35 min / 1 hour)
    CA Manager eLearning (AB 1825) (2 hours)
    All-States Manager eLearning (2+ hours)
    Spanish Version (18 min / 19 min)
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This course exceeds the standards established by New York’s Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Training released August 23, 2018.

All employees will learn essential skills to create a culture based on civility where all can thrive. Topics covered in this interactive course include:
  • Quid pro quo harassment
  • Hostile work environment harassment
  • Third-party harassment
  • Abusive conduct/bullying
  • Bystander intervention
  • Unwelcome conduct
  • Understanding the law
  • Manager responsibilities
  • Investigations
  • Retaliation
  • Protected characteristics
  • Social media in the workplace
  • Civility
  • And more.

This video-based course is designed to keep employees engaged with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists. Includes a downloadable reference guide for each user and can be customized with your own company policies.

Why choose this course?
  • Story-based video training that enhances learning.
  • Available online 24/7 — access anytime, anywhere.
  • All inclusive — no classroom or travel time required.
  • Interactive — Award-winning video scenes are followed by games and exercises that entertain and communicate important learning concepts.
  • Handy administrator tools, including email notifications and completion tracking.
  • Customized with your organization’s policies.

This program is SCORM-compliant, making it compatible with your own LMS, or you can use our proprietary, feature-rich LMS for FREE.

Filmed on location, realistic characters interact in seven stories:
  • Inappropriate talk in the office makes it difficult for others to concentrate on their work.
  • Images meant to be private are posted on social media to get revenge after a break-up.
  • Lunch hour at a medical center is disrupted by rude comments from an outside vendor.
  • A new employee is pressured to go out with a supervisor as part of her “training”.
  • City workers grapple with religious bias and resentment over coworkers who “don’t come from here.”
  • Sales reps mistreat and exclude a colleague because he “doesn’t fit in.”
  • A restaurant kitchen is the setting for borderline behavior that makes one coworker uncomfortable even though her peers are clearly enjoying themselves.

This course will improve behavior overall, encourage communication, and help create workplaces that are respectful, productive—and harassment-free!
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Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace eLearning — New York Employees


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