Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace — Interactive eLearning


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Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace Interactive eLearning (35 Minutes / 1 Hour)

Interactive eLearning combines our high-quality video with interactive exercises and thought-provoking "hypotheticals" that guarantee learner engagement throughout the course experience.

Includes both Employee and Manager versions in both English and Spanish

Why It's Different
With audio narration and dramatic-format video clips, this is NOT your typical text-based, tedious course. Instead, we keep user attention with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists. Our eLearning courses even come with downloadable reference guides for each user and can be customized with your own company policies.

This Interactive eLearning course is SCORM-compliant, making it compatible with your own LMS, or you can use our proprietary, feature-rich LMS for FREE.

Why It Works

Based on our award winning program Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace, what makes this course unique is a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. This first-hand reporting keeps the action moving and makes it personal. Learners will internalize the content and retain lasting impressions that stay with them long after the training is over.

Includes access to state-compliant versions including California, New York, Connecticut, Maine, and others.

Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace — Interactive eLearning


35 Minutes

SCORM 1.2 Course for your LMS

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"With our company being nearly 85% field construction workers who are never in the office, the convenience of online training works great for us. The price is reasonable and costs less than a plane ticket for me to fly to do the training."Shelly Hitzler

Director of Human Resources
J. F. Edwards Construction Company
Geneseo, IL

"I am very happy that I switched our Harassment training to Kantola. We have offices scattered over 17 counties, so it is nearly impossible to get all staff together for Harassment training. Online training makes perfect sense to us. The platform is very user-friendly, and I can review who has completed their training, who has started but not completed, and who has not started yet. The system also sends automatic reminder emails to those users who have not yet done their training. This frees up a lot of time I used to spend tracking with our previous service provider. It has made my life much easier!"Michele Chapman

California Tribal TANF Partnership