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Use this service training video to turn good customer service into increased sales and increased customer satisfaction.

What does it take to turn an average shopping experience into a superior one—both for the customer and for the store? This service training video shows you how to leverage your good customer service to achieve the best possible outcome: customers get more of what they want while your sales go up and your business improves.

Join professional trainer John Walker as he highlights the three cornerstones of customer service and selling: listening, probing, and building multiple-item sales. Our story follows John as he visits a series of retail establishments and addresses key learning points.  

  • Listening—Listen for non-verbal as well as verbal signals.
  • Probing—Ask open-ended questions to help you help the shopper.
  • Building multiple-item sales—Batteries with a remote; a card with a gift; slacks with a jacket—"up-selling" can represent the best in caring for customers and meeting their needs.


Three Cornerstones of Customer Service and Selling


17 Minutes



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