Team Approach 1
team dynamics

How to set up high-performance teams and be a contributor to team success.

Good teams build involvement, improve communication and cooperation, and generate innovative business solutions. They streamline decision making and expand competencies. But, if not handled well, they can have a tendency to go astray, waste time and generate frustration.

This team building video provides specific guidelines for effective team management. It helps you set clearly defined goals, and project inspirational but focused leadership that keeps your team on track.

Learn how to:

  • Identify appropriate team projects.
  • Select the right team participants.
  • Nurture teams through development stages.
  • Define team members' roles and responsibilities.
  • Help build team identity.

Guarantee: With this team building video, you'll discover new ways to use teamwork to create innovative business solutions.

Supporting Materials

Study Guide: This 24-page booklet is the perfect takeaway for your "Building Teams" training program. Besides expanding on the video's content, the booklet explains the 11 responsibilities that contribute to effective team leadership.

Instructor's Manual: This 46-page instructors' manual is designed to help facilitators quickly prepare a three hours seminar designed to improve team organization, build team attitudes, and increase team productivity.

The Team Approach


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"I found many real-life details and situations in this video. Was able to relate to various industries. Good organization, depth and details."Kristen Firpo

Human Resource Generalist
Exelixis Inc.
South San Francisco, CA

"I really liked this video. We have at least three of your videos, and I thought this one was the most useful. This video covers all of the personality types that I see in my teams on a daily basis."Becky Shane

Cincinatti, OH