The Search for Life After Planning:


Program Highlights

  • How to maintain seamless connections between strategic planning and implementation processes.
  • A model to facilitate company growth and communication.
  • Creation and maintenance of functional strategies.

The traditional approach to strategic planning—which focused on producing a plan on a piece of paper that would subsequently disappear into a desk drawer—is dead. Replacing this approach is a new method that focuses on strategic thinking and implementation. Rick Berthold presents a fresh perspective on strategy formation, and a process for developing strategies that assure organizational alignment and lead to effective implementation.

John R. (Rick) Berthold is president of The Altos Group, and former president of Menlo College. He taught corporate strategy for the Stanford Graduate School of Business and directed the Executive Program for Growing Companies. He has held numerous management positions, including president of Six Flags, Inc., president of Hervic Corporation, and general manager of Saska Sports Industries.

The Search for Life After Planning:

John R. (Rick) Berthold

President, The Altos Group; Academic Director, Stanford Managerial Excellence Program


49 Minutes