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Instructional Design Matters

(More Subtlety, Less C.Y.A.)
With over 35 years of experience creating award-winning training courses, we start our course development process with everything we’ve learned so far.
Next, we transform compelling scripts into striking video, while simultaneously bringing the lessons to life with interactive software exercises.
Once a course is ready, it is deployed to tens of thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of users, and helps our clients go beyond compliance and reinforce the values that make their organizations great places to work.
Finally, the last step is really the first step all over again: take what we’ve learned, go back to the drawing board, and apply it towards making something even better.


Even with more than 35 years’ experience, we still start every new training course with a clean slate. Taking the best of what we learned from our last course, our experienced development team consults world-renowned experts, practicing professionals, and others who are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. We combine cutting-edge, real-world knowledge with our deep experience and unique talent for making training topics come to life. That‘s why we partnered with Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor practice, when we developed our fourth-generation sexual harassment-prevention training course. The result is a course that is fully legally compliant, comprehensive, and engages as much as it informs.


Once a script is ready to bring to life, we tap into our extensive network of Hollywood-based directors, technicians, and production crews to bring together the best talent available. We scout locations across Southern California to find real workplaces which we film in, properly light and mic, and populate with professional actors, real props, and crews of extras. At the same time, we co-develop Interactive eLearning exercises, coordinating efforts between software development and film crews. The end-product is what only Kantola can produce: an engaging, integrated learning experience that combines thoughtful, cutting-edge interactive elearning software with life-like, story-based videos.


Once a course is ready to launch, we make it available in a variety of formats to fit the needs of any organization: via Kantola’s easy-to-use platform for tracking and reporting, as a SCORM Course compatible with thousands of Learning Management Systems, and as a Classroom Streaming course for trainers - all available to play anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our video courses are also available on DVD.


Technology, the law, and style don’t stand still - and neither do we. As our latest courses are put into use at workplaces around the world and seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers, we gather feedback, learn what worked, think about what could be done even better, and take all of that input right back to the drawing board, where we wipe the slate clean, and the process starts again.

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