The Headscarf and the Beanie. Are Both a Religious Right?

A Kantola Learning Minute

If one employee wears a headscarf as a religious right, can another wear a beanie, claiming religious expression? Find out in this week’s Kantola Learning Minute with workplace trainer Linda Garrett, JD.

Hi, I'm Linda Garrett. We had an interesting question from someone who wrote, "Our department just got a new employee who wears a headscarf. One of the guys has brought in a beanie and has put it on a few times for laughs, clearly mocking her. When I told him to stop, he said it's his religious right. It's not a yarmulka and he's not Jewish. What should I do?"

Well, the issue is pretty clear here: He's doing this for laughs, it's behavior that's just started. Um, it's clearly not his right to make your new employee feel discriminated against or harassed. What I would do is recognize that there are people in your workplace who are going to disrespect the rules and nudge up against them any chance they get, and you need to have a frank talk with him and tell him that he needs to knock it off.

Everyone deserves to work in a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, and that includes your new employee who wears the headscarf.

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