Customer Service Training Video | The Essentials of Great Service

The Essentials of Great Service


All employees with customer contact—in person or on the phone—will benefit from this sharp-witted look at what makes great customer service.

Comedy Central created a customer service training video?!! Yes, and it's a real winner. Darrell Hammond, of Saturday Night Live fame, takes us into a big city coffee bar where we watch customer service in action.

The camera follows employees as they practice behaviors that create great customer satisfaction. Viewers learn how to anticipate customer needs and do "a little something extra."

First impressions are as important as ever; a neat appearance, listening carefully, and speaking clearly are easy ways to let the customer know you care. Of course, not every customer experience will be a smooth one. Partnering with customers to come up with a solution to a problem will let customers know you're on their side.

Key training points:
  • How to make a great first impression.
  • How to make customers feel special.
  • How to earn the respect of customers.
  • How to listen actively.
  • How to solve customers' problems.

Humor can be risky in a training video. But this amusing customer service training video keeps the viewers' interest and entertains while it teaches. The principles displayed in the coffee shop are effective for all customer service positions, in any kind of business.

The Essentials of Great Service


17 Minutes




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"Great videos at awesome prices."Lashanda Chevis

Jackson Supply Company
Houston, TX

"Excellent video. My employees actually enjoyed watching it, and would watch it again. Finally a video that's purposely funny with a valuable lesson."Alex Rugh

Office Supervisor
O'Brien Dental Labs
Corvllis, OR