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In the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford frequently plays host (and even incubator) for some of the most cutting-edge research, development, and technology trends that are changing the way we communicate and conduct business every day.

Going Viral (Creating Infectious Action)

Brand development is shifting from an advocacy marketing model (why one should buy a brand) to an ambassador model (how you can participate in the brand). Social media offers a platform that can rapidly transmit brand messaging to an audience while letting the audience participate in the message.

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Infinite Reality

Virtual reality is here — what does that mean for your business? Early adopters such as Merrill Lynch, Toyota, LinkedIn and Konica Minolta are already seeing dramatic results in learning simulations, training, and marketing effectiveness. Professor Bailenson draws on his years of psychology experiments in Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab to demonstrate, in dramatic video footage, the power of virtual reality.

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