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In today's environment, change is not an event, it’s business as usual, and one of the most critical challenges for modern managers. Our organizations must be nimble and alert; if we miss a trend, there may be no catching up. The only choice is to effectively and continuously innovate in the face of demanding customers, shareholders and management who insist: ”better, faster, cheaper.”

Capabilities-Driven Strategy

Drawing on research, including in-depth case studies on companies such as Apple and IKEA, Paul Leinwand explains how companies can correct a flawed strategy and still create value in the market.

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Strategy for Transformational Change

When Brad Smith took over as CEO, Intuit founder Scott Cook advised him to “Question everything.” In this highly informative presentation, Smith shares secrets that have led to revolutionary new products, sky-high productivity, and a ranking on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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Strategy and the Purpose-Driven Leader

In the past 25 years, thousands of articles have been written about strategy, but virtually none about the leadership vital for doing it well. Strategy has been transformed from an art to a science—but science alone is not enough. Cynthia Montgomery makes the case for bringing people back into the equation.

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Red Queen Competition: A Dynamic View of Strategy

Your job as a manager is not to come up with solutions—it is to be the architect of an organization that comes up with solutions. William Barnett explains how to see competition as an engine that generates capability. He offers ways to help you develop the strength to persevere and prosper, while others lose themselves in the struggle of just trying to keep up.

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