Program Highlights

  • Why every one of us needs to know how to "sell."
  • How to change your tactics while keeping your strategy immutable.
  • How to play to the decision maker's personal agenda.

Sales are the lifeblood of every company. Developing the product can pale in comparison with getting out there and trying to sell it. In spite of this, selling is relegated to a footnote in the curriculum of many MBA programs, and salespeople "can't get no respect." Yet, as Jim Healy points out, if you underestimate the critical importance of selling, you can lose opportunities and risk getting sidelined by the competition.

When you're in the business of offering complex systems or services, selling is a process rather than a single event. Therefore, selling is not only an art, but it is also a science. It requires instinct, but also strategy. Without a clear strategy, Healy explains, the sale is lost before the battle even begins. And in order to create your strategy, you need a fundamental understanding of the four dynamic and interactive aspects of selling: analyzing the opportunity, positioning the solution, aligning with the power base, and overcoming resistance to buying. Healy details the steps you need to take to assemble these building blocks and beat the competition with an effective sales strategy.

Jim Healy is President and CEO of LogicVision Inc. Prior to joining LogicVision, Healy held senior leadership positions in a number of high technology companies, including Spirox, ASAT USA, FormFactor Inc., and Credence Systems.

Strategies for Selling

James Healy

President and CEO, LogicVision Inc.


47 Minutes