Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations


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Program Highlights

  • Nine rules for getting the best deal.
  • How espionage and empathy get you prepared.
  • How to gain credibility—and the most common way to lose it.

As a former federal mediator, Pat Cleary has been involved with just about every kind of negotiation. In this entertaining presentation, he shares gems of wisdom from his nearly 20 years of hands-on dispute resolution. Pat describes common negotiation mistakes that unnecessarily complicate solutions and can prevent you from getting what you want. He then provides practical, effective methods that you can use to sidestep the pitfalls and stay focused on getting the best deal possible. He explains how to test stakeholder commitment on the issues, what you should always take off the table, and when to recognize that "no" doesn't mean "no," and "final" doesn't mean "final."

Pat Cleary is the author of "The Negotiation Handbook" and former Chairman of the National Mediation Board. He is currently Senior Vice President of the National Association of Manufacturers, the largest industrial trade association in the United States, with 14,000 companies and their subsidiaries as members, representing 18 million workers.

Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations

Patrick Cleary

President and CEO, National Assn. of Professional Employer Organizations


46 Minutes