Sexual Harassment: Serious Business



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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach

Four office scenarios and one plant scenario show how to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

This sexual harassment training video explains the definition of unwelcome sexual conduct and shows the consequences of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Tina likes to talk, and the department is getting tired of overhearing her graphic phone calls as she brags about her active social life. Meanwhile, Jason is using the fax machine to send explicit cartoons. And Linda's flirtation with Stan is creating a situation that disrupts the rest of their team.

Worse yet, Ed makes it clear that Janice's job depends on "getting to know him better" (an example of quid pro quo harassment), while Saundra makes a false claim of harassment to get even with her boss for not receiving a promotion.

Teach employees:

  • Why preventing sexual harassment helps everyone.
  • How to confront harassers and tell them to stop unwelcome behavior.
  • How to respond to quid pro quo harassment.
  • The negative impacts of workplace flirtations.
  • Proper procedures for reporting and investigating complaints.
  • The consequences of false accusations.

Sexual harassment can have a serious effect on the workplace, increasing stress levels, lowering morale and productivity, and creating a hostile environment.

And false allegations can be especially damaging, with reputations ruined and jobs lost. That's why accusations of sexual harassment should never be taken lightly. It's not just a matter of violating company policy; it's also against the law.


Sexual Harassment: Serious Business


25 Minutes



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"Excellent content. We find it useful for our in-house harassment training. The examples used were great, and the video gave clear definitions of what sexual harassment is and adequately described types of sexual harassment."Rose Sullivan

Managing Controller
Rose Paving Company
Bridgeview, IL

"The tape was very educational. It gave me various areas to continue my training on sexual harassment. Each area was broken down very well; it also touched on working in a hostile environment due to the sexual harassment taking place. I will recommend this tape to several of our other facilities."Falanda Jimmerson

Three Springs School of Tuskegee
Director of Support Services
Tuskegee, AL