What Employers Should Know About

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Regulations

Updated Fall 2021

7 states currently require sexual harassment training1:

State Summary Relevant Laws & Regulations
California All California employers, who employ 5 or more employees, must provide sexual harassment training to all employees every two years
AB 1825 which added Section 12950.1 to the California Government Code and relevant amendments to the Code (AB 2053, SB 396, SB 1343, SB 778, SB 530) as well as 2 CCR § 11024
Connecticut Employers in Connecticut with more than 3 employees must provide sexual harassment training to all employees & all employers must provide training to supervisors
Conn. Gen. Stat 46a-54(15); CHRO; Conn. Agencies Regulations 46a-54-200-207; Connecticut SB 3 (2019)
Delaware All Delaware employers, who employ 50 or more employees, must provide sexual harassment training to all employees every two years
Del. Code Title 19, 711A (g); House Substitute 1 for House Bill 360
Illinois All employers in Illinois must provide sexual harassment prevention training once a year
Workplace Transparency Act (SB 75)
Maine All employers located or doing business in Maine, who employ more than 15 employees, must provide sexual harassment training to all employees
Title 26 M.R.S.A., Section 806 & 807
New York All employers must train all employees regarding sexual harassment once every year
NY State Budget, Part KK, Subpart E, Section 2 (S07057); Article 7, Section 201-g of the Labor Law; Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act Local Law 96 of 2018; NYC Adm. Code, Title 8, Chapter 1, Section 8-107 Subdivision 30; A08421
Washington Hotels, motels, retail organizations, security guard entities, and property services contractors must provide sexual harassment training to specific employees
SB 5258; RCW 49.60

13 other states have statutes related to harassment training2:

  • Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont encourage employers to conduct sexual harassment training for new employees and supervisors, within one year of hiring or promotion, and suggest minimum requirements3
  • Iowa, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin recommend employers provide some form of harassment training4
  • Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia5 make recommendations, similar to the EEOC guidelines, that employers should develop appropriate sanctions, inform employees of the right to raise complaints and how to raise them, and develop methods to sensitize all concerned

Washington D.C. requires harassment-prevention training:

  • All employees of businesses with tipped staff shall receive sexual harassment prevention training, with managers attending in-person training at least once every two years.6

New Jersey case law points to harassment training:

  • New Jersey has no specific regulations, but case law appears to make sexual harassment training mandatory if an employer wants to raise an affirmative defense to a harassment claim7

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