Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Manager Version


Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach— Manager Version (32 Min)
* Released in 2006 *
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A best-selling classic, still available by popular demand.

Speaking directly to supervisors and managers, this sexual harassment training DVD offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and explains their responsibilities to respond promptly and appropriately.

Commonly-asked questions about workplace behavior answered by this training include: 

  • Is it ever OK to hug someone at work?
  • Are compliments ever appropriate?
  • How much joking around is acceptable?
  • Is it illegal for employees to date?

Experts in the field, trainer Linda Garrett and attorney Brandon Blevans, add their insights to help you develop a sexual harassment policy for your workplace. They'll also show you how to distinguish between what is—and what is not—sexual harassment, in various settings, including manufacturing, office, healthcare and academic environments.

Workbook for Manager Version

Attendee Workbook:
This 45-page workbook includes a pre-test, review of harassment training scenes from the video, exercises, and post-test. 

$6 each

Sold in packs of 10

20+   $5 ea
50+   $4 ea

Trainer's Guide for Manager Version

Trainer's Guide:
This 58-page manual is designed to be used along with the training video and helps facilitators present a professional sexual harassment training session for managers and supervisors. Includes workbook materials (with call-outs, possible questions, etc.) PLUS added training tools, such as sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, and certificates of attendance.

$15 ea

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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Manager Version


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"Your sexual harassment video is fabulous - really hits all the key points in a fast-paced and interesting way!"Stephen Kron

Chief Financial Officer
Columbus, OH

"I use several of your products for training at our facility. All have been good resources to date. Thanks!"Stacy Weber-Zehr

Human Resources Manager
SMF Inc.
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