Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Connecticut Manager's Version


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With added content specific to the State of Connecticut, this 35-minute manager course can be used as part of a two-hour training led by a qualified trainer to help meet the requirements of Sections 46a-54-200 through 207 inclusive of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Also available, the comprehensive, stand-alone 2-hour interactive online version of this course:
Connecticut Manager Interactive eLearning

Speaking directly to supervisors and managers, this sexual harassment training offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and explains their responsibilities to respond promptly and appropriately.

This dramatic sexual harassment training program is designed to help your managers and supervisors understand obvious sexual harassment issues as well as the gray areas of this prevalent problem. You'll see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that are probably just a lapse in good judgment. Either way, managers will learn proven techniques so they can respond appropriately and in compliance with the law. (It is recommended that the 35-minute Connecticut manager video be used as part of a two-hour class led by a qualified trainer.)

Both forms of sexual harassment as recognized by the courtshostile work environment and quid pro quoare covered in this video. With hostile work environment harassment, the behavior has to be ongoing and severe and must interfere with a person's ability to do their job. Quid pro quo (Latin for "this for that") harassment occurs when a superior uses his or her power to gain sexual favors.

Commonly-asked questions about workplace behavior answered by this training include: 

  • Is it ever OK to hug someone at work?
  • Are compliments ever appropriate?
  • How much joking around is acceptable?
  • Is it illegal for employees to date?

Experts in the field, trainer Linda Garrett and attorney Brandon Blevans, add their insights to help you develop a sexual harassment policy for your workplace. They'll also show you how to distinguish between what is—and what is not—sexual harassment, in various settings, including manufacturing, office, healthcare and academic environments.

Use this engaging sexual harassment training to ensure that your managers understand the legal requirements of how to prevent sexual harassment, and the atmosphere of civility you expect them to maintain within your organization.

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Be sure to check out our online sexual harassment training program based on this popular video. Available in Employee, Manager, California Manager and Connecticut Manager versions, these courses are engaging to learners and make meeting your compliance goals a breeze.

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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Connecticut Manager's Version


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