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Featuring Dr. Eric Weiss of the Stanford University School of Medicine.
Prevent the spread of flu in your organization. Every year it returns, and every year it costs employers billions of dollars in sick pay, lost sales and decreased productivity.

We're all far too familiar with the spread of flu. But here's some good news. You can reduce infection rates in your workplace by training your employees to follow a few simple habits that stop them from spreading sickness to their coworkers--and help them avoid getting sick in the first place.

Some of these habits are just common sense: wash your hands, don't use your coworker's telephone or computer keyboard, cover your coughs and sneezes. But how do you get people to remember and actually do these things, day after day?

Video training is an effective way to get through to employees and change their behavior. Your employees will respond to this documentary-style short film with its straight talk from Dr. Eric A. Weiss, Medical Director of Disaster Planning and Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine.

In plain terms, Dr. Weiss lays out a blueprint for keeping your employees healthy and for resisting infection by the influenza virus. His  practical advice extends to taking care of sick family members in ways that protect the caregiver and stop the spread within employees' households. And if things take a turn for the worse, Dr. Weiss also describes clear danger signs that help viewers know the difference between symptoms that are typical and those that require immediate medical help.

Do your part to limit the spread of flu, and protect your business by training all your employees. Working together, we can all contribute to lessening the impact of this costly illness.

Resisting the Flu

featuring Eric Weiss, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine


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