Resisting the Flu


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Resisting the Flu (13 Min)

Featuring Dr. Eric Weiss of the Stanford University School of Medicine.
Every year it returns, and every year it costs employers billions of dollars in sick pay, lost sales and decreased productivity - and this year's H3N2 virus is more deadly than most. 

The good news is that there are simple, concrete steps that you can reduce infection rates in your workplace. Train your employees to follow a few simple habits that stop them from spreading sickness to their coworkers--and help them avoid getting sick in the first place.

Featuring Dr. Eric A. Weiss, Medical Director of Disaster Planning and Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, this course will help you and your employees to doo your part to limit the spread of flu, and protect your business.

Working together, we can all contribute to lessening the impact of this costly illness.

Resisting the Flu

Dr. Eric Weiss

MD, Stanford University School of Medicine


13 Minutes

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