Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands


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Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands (11 Min)

Quid Pro Quo harassment means this for that. It’s the worst kind of harassment when an employee’s job or future depends on meeting demands for sexual favors.

This program does not pull punches. It states what we all know but tend to gloss over – that it’s people with power who are the problem.

For the first time ever, Kantola has brought together our three strongest quid pro quo stories as one program: the campus athletic director, the important client and the supervisor on the factory floor.

Viewers will learn five important points:
  • What quid pro quo harassment is.
  • That the law is on the side of victims.
  • That HR and management are there to help them.
  • That they should be ready to help coworkers who are being harassed.
  • That if they are ever accused of harassment, they must never retaliate.

This course is ideal for any organization that has dealt with an incident of quid pro quo, or wants to stay ahead of the issue, and out of the news. There are no excuses for quid pro quo harassment to occur in your workplace. If you haven’t trained your people on harassment in the past 6 months, it’s time to train with this program.

Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands


11 Minutes

SCORM 1.2 Course for your LMS