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The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating/Financial Statements Combination Package


Save money by ordering both of our popular Stanford Dramatic Videos together.

Stanford professors Margaret Neale and George Parker explain two important business aspects, each presented with an enlightening dramatic twist.

Highlights of The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating:
Negotiating is the art of making better deals. Making the right deal can turn a small venture into a big one, or it can turn a quiet product into a blockbuster. Skill, preparation, and confidence are the keys to negotiating well. This program will keep you a step ahead of your negotiating counterparts.

Highlights of The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements:
Financial statements need not be an impenetrable web of numbers. Analysis can be both simple and logical. Whether you are an investor, lender, supplier, customer, or acquirer, this program shows how basic financial analysis can save you painful losses and win you big profits.

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Format DVD
Duration: 59/51 Minutes  

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