Preventing and Managing Stress


This stress prevention video shows you the causes of stress and how to reduce its impact on your life.

Some stress is good. That's right—in small amounts, stress can help individuals focus attention and improve performance. But too much stress, too often, is bad news. And there's a lot of stress these days: you're working harder; your family life is busier; traffic's worse than ever. The good news is that you can control stress. 

Highlights of this stress prevention video:
  • Unexpected symptoms of chronic stress
  • Good stress vs. bad stress
  • Three techniques to manage stress (avoidance, short-circuiting, mitigation)

In this Stanford stress prevention video, experts will teach you the causes of stress and show you proven ways to lessen its negative impacts and enhance your own personal well-being.

Supporting Materials

Study Guide:
This 22-page booklet explains the symptoms of excessive stress, teaches techniques for avoiding stress and reducing physical and psychological effects.

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Preventing and Managing Stress


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"Well done. A lot of information about the effects of stress and how to handle."Cristie DeBuhr

Wellness Coordinator
United Church Homes
Dayton, OH

"We previously purchased the Stress Management program and found it very useful and relevant. The supporting documentation was also very helpful. We appreciate the fact that these courses are relatively short in length of time, yet very informative. Thank you."Angela Stine

Executive Assistant
Kahuna Payment Solutions
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