Preventing Liability:


preventing liability
avoiding wrongful termination
employment liability

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Legal Survival Skills for the Modern Manager.

With this supervisor training video, your managers will understand the liability their actions can create.

Employees' rights in the workplace have steadily expanded over the years. Employees also have a greater awareness of these rights. So it should come as no surprise that the number of lawsuits against employers has risen sharply.

The words and deeds of managers and supervisors are, in effect, the words and deeds of the company. What managers say and do in everyday situations can leave them and their companies open to costly lawsuits. This supervisor training video motivates managers to take responsibility for their actions, and raises their awareness of the kinds of situations that need heightened care and attention.


Preventing Liability:


26 Minutes



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"Superiors don't always think before they speak. This video shows how your words and actions can be used against you. You can sound biased without even really being biased. Choosing words is important. Great videos. Great price. I can't think of anything to suggest. Even the actors are good and not corny. Situations are everyday events."Shirley Hofer

Training Specialist
Lake Mills, WI