Performance Coaching


Help improve employee performance and retention while creating a more productive workforce with this effective employee coaching DVD.

It's a fact—being a manager is not easy. Your success is contingent on other people doing what you want them to do. Yet, other people can be complicated, inconsistent, and sometimes downright obstinate!

Often, employees don't really know what they are supposed to do, or they don't really know how… Or they actually think they are doing it, or they think something else is more important. This employee coaching video provides clear guidelines that will help you improve employee performance through mentoring and providing direction and feedback.

There are four key steps to effective employee coaching:
  • Identify the shortcomings in an employee's performance.
  • Determine the cause and what needs to change to improve performance.
  • Get commitment from difficult employees and provide the support needed for change.
  • Measure employee performance results and provide feedback.

This management training video shows you how to apply these essential performance coaching steps in productive ways that include your employees in the process.

You'll learn to communicate specific expectations and to remove any obstacles that get in the way. And you'll learn techniques for further improving employee job performance through inspiring and mentoring employees who are already doing well—by pointing out what they could be doing even better!

Performance Coaching


17 Minutes

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"I think the concepts explored are really effective. And the vignettes are realistic."Denise Roumbanis

Training Officer
Savings Bank of Mendocino County
Ukiah, CA

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Human Resources Manager
Superior Ambulance Service
Elmhurst, IL
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