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Harassment Prevention Training for Chicago

Beyond sexual harassment: Comprehensive and relatable online training

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All your compliance needs covered and more

  • Annually refreshed content—New 2024 course
  • Relatable scenarios highlight several risk factors and gray areas
  • Strong focus on early intervention—covering topics beyond sexual harassment, such as protected characteristics, bias, discrimination, bullying, workplace relationships, and more
  • 100% compliant – Exceeds all Chicago, Illinois state and federal requirements (we also provide the 1-hour Bystander Intervention training with new 2024 content)
  • Always compliant course family that fulfills the sexual harassment training requirements of all US federal and state laws, including CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, NYC and Chicago
  • Customizable with your logo, your policy, custom text, and more
  • Flexible delivery: Choose our full-featured software, or SCORM delivery to your LMS, HRIS integration also available
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Partnered with the nation’s premier HR professional society

Training for your industry

Interactive courses draw learners in with relatable scenes and familiar situations - for greater learning, empathy and understanding.


Popular among:
  • Technology companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Finance & insurance service providers
  • Governmental institutions
  • Non-profit organizations and other businesses that mainly work in offices
Online Sexual Harassment Training for Your Industry - Office


Popular among:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctor's offices
  • Laboratories
  • Specialist care facilities
Online Sexual Harassment Training for Your Industry - Healthcare


Popular among:
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Recreational facilities
  • Retailers
Online Sexual Harassment Training for Your Industry - Hospitality

Industrial & Manufacturing

Popular among:
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Transportation
  • Logistics and warehousing service providers
  • Real estate and construction businesses
  • Food and beverage companies
Online Sexual Harassment Training for Your Industry - Manufacturing

Impactful training that changes perspectives

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Cinematic quality

From the first day of shooting until the last day of post-production, we work with exceptional filmmakers. That’s how we create authentic, relatable workplace scenarios and well-crafted content that keeps employees focused and engaged.


High employee rating

Filled with relatable scenarios and real-life stories, our interactive courses equip both employees and managers with practical knowledge to recognize, prevent, and address harassment. That’s why we’ve been able to reach an outstanding learner rating of 9.2.


Lasting change

97% of our learners report they “can better identify and deal with harassment.” To achieve sustained learning, our courses are updated every year so you can offer relevant and comprehensive training that goes beyond the obvious scenarios to drive true behavior change.

What makes
us different?

We exist to make workplaces better, for everyone. We believe that good training can captivate and educate employees, and in turn affect real change within your organization. See what our customers are saying.

Change Perspectives

"The training courses get to the point of some touchy and difficult HR subjects, while still managing to remain objective. The video scenarios are well explained and are engaging for the learners."

Regional Director of HR Cellular One

Achieve Compliance

“Kantola’s trainings were easy to implement, distribute and track. When rolling out compliance training, nothing compares to solid content on a an efficient platform. The help team was always responsive to keep us moving forward. Thank you!”

HR Generalist
Ekso Bionics


Elevate Culture

"The quality is fantastic, and the content is entertaining, while still driving home the point! We have a group of very young staff I thought may not take it seriously, but I was excited to see it sparked some very good discussion!"

Training Coordinator
Midwest Orthodontics

Harassment Prevention Resources

Impactful training is just one critical component of ending harassment

That’s why we offer insights, perspectives and research through Kantola Connects, a resource hub with articles, videos, webinars, whitepapers, and frameworks that help organizations cultivate a harassment-free work environment where everyone feels safe. Kantola’s thought leadership content has been published by, Risk Management, National Law Review, HR Morning and more. You’ll get: