Onboarding (New Employees) Collection (7 Courses)


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Onboarding (New Employees) Collection (7 courses)
  Bullying and Respect in the Workplace (18 min)
    Conflicts in the Workplace (17 min)
    The Drug-Free Workplace (14 min)
    Diversity and Inclusion for Employees (20 min)
    Social Media at Work (14 min)
    Harassment-Free Workplace - Employees (18 min)
    Workplace Ethics (16 min)
Bring new hires up to speed quickly with these essential topics.

As a Human Resources Manager, you hold a lot of responsibility within your company to make sure your employees have the training they need to thrive. Not only do you have to find viable candidates for employment, you also have develop your existing employees, all while making sure your organization continues to be a diverse and harassment-free place to work. This set of training videos will make your job a lot easier!

Learning points include:
  • Strategies for keeping your workplace safe and drug-free
  • The importance of recognizing and confronting workplace bullies
  • Alerting your employees to online hazards and show them how to use social media wisely and appropriately
  • The basics of modern workplace harassment and diversity expectations
  • The importance of ethics at every level of your organization
  • Eight key strategies for resolving conflicts

Use these HR training videos as a guide to help ensure that your workplace maintains a respectful atmosphere, while also keeping yourself protected against any potential legal problems.

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Onboarding (New Employees) Collection (7 Courses)


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