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The Invention Cycle

Dr. Seelig describes this framework as the “Invention Cycle.” She details the attitudes and actions required for generating and maintaining this cycle as a self-perpetuating loop—increasing your success every step of the way. Anyone can have ideas, but it takes unique skills to launch something truly new into the world.

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Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces One Truth at a Time

Dr. Pfeffer argues that conventional trends in leadership theory don’t align with the facts and are ineffective for creating change. He addresses the social psychology that influences the traits and behaviors of actual leaders.

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Simple Rules: Thriving in a Complex World

Simple Rules are the answer. These rules focus our attention and simplify the way we think. Easy to understand and remember, they coordinate teams and keep everyone working toward the same results. With practical examples that range from Airbnb to Indiegogo, biotech to burglars, poker-playing to internet-dating, Dr. Eisenhardt reveals how simple rules work to sharpen thinking and clarify strategy.

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