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A selection of some of our customers' favorite courses and programs.

Complete Video Library

Our best value ever. Our complete library of best-selling training videos can now be made available to all of your employees online throughout the year with instant streaming access anytime on any device.

All of our training videos are SCORM-compliant for incorporating into your Learning Management System (LMS). No LMS? Take advantage of our feature-rich Kantola Online LMS at no additional cost. (All video courses are also available on DVD.)

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Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace — Simplified eLearning

Effective training is about more than checking a box. That’s why we are the only training provider who shoots all of our own footage, in Hollywood, with studio-quality lighting, acting, and camera work.

We go beyond compliance to produce award-winning training, year after year, that address the subtleties of the real world engages learners, and effects lasting change.

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Bullying and Respect in the Workplace

Bullies often act just under the radar, denying their hostile intent or shrugging off their behaviors as humorous or insignificant. Yet, the constant tension they create not only damages the individual targets of their behavior but also the workgroup as a whole.

(18 Minutes)

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Customer Service Counts

Your business or organization wouldn’t exist without your customers. This award-winning video uses humor to show employees that being good at customer service (and taking pride in their work) is not only a job requirement, but can be personally satisfying as well.

(18 Minutes)

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Workplace Ethics: Code of Conduct Training for Employees

Ethics matter — not just big scandals, but the small everyday decisions that add up, too. This award-winning workplace ethics training video follows four realistic scenarios that raise awareness, provide a framework for ethical decision making, and will help create a company that employees can be proud of.

(16 Minutes)

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HazMat: What You Need to Know

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires that employees who work with potentially hazardous chemicals receive information about how to use these substances safely. Show your workers how to access critical information that will keep themselves and their coworkers safe on the job.

(15 Minutes)

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Leadership at Every Level

Imagine if all your good managers became great leaders. Learn how setting and subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation.

(24 Minutes)

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Dealing with the Irate Customer

Angry customers hurt your company's image, disrupt your workday, and cost your company business. Learn simple communication techniques that will help employees resolve disputes and calm angry customers quickly and professionally.

(21 Minutes)

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The Power of Persuasion

Increase your power and influence with simple, guaranteed methods you'll start using right away. In this dynamic presentation, Robert Cialdini provides fascinating insights on how to be successful in your attempts to persuade all manner of other people. This program is a "must" for managers, marketers, and manipulators of all kinds.

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Happiness Matters

Tony Hsieh discusses the different ingredients used by to build a long-lasting enduring brand, including the importance of customer service and company culture.

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Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs

The employee version of this video details the ten warning signs of workplace violence, as seen from the employee perspective. The manager version provides supervisors with additional content, such as how to hold information-gathering meetings, confront an aggressor, or terminate a problem employee.

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Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works

Most companies aren’t winning today—not because of the economy, rapid change, or rising complexity. It’s because they confuse strategy with vision and don't make the critical decisions it takes to win. Using the example of P&G’s dramatic turnaround of its Olay skincare line, A.G. Lafley and adviser Roger Martin prescribe a disciplined approach to five strategic choices.

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The Mastery of Speaking as a Leader

Terry Pearce demonstrates ways in which a leader can elevate a speech into a more powerful and ultimately productive experience for both speaker and listener. Pearce explains three rules that set the stage for consistently engaging presentations: speak on topics you care about, incorporate personal experiences, and structure your speech as a story.

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Revolutionary Leadership

Today’s organizations face accelerating change, intensifying competition, rapid commoditization, and a historic shift in bargaining power from producer to consumer. To survive, organizations must reinvent management to inspire continual invention and adaptability in all employees.

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The Art of Leadership

Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup company understands that it’s in the moments of saying “just the right thing at just the right time” that leaders can make a positive, constructive impact on others, and shares six guiding principles of leadership for doing so.

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Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies

Professor Neale debunks common negotiation myths as she shares the results of empirical research on negotiating strategies and the process of “mutual influence” that drives negotiation.

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Leadership Lessons from the Gridiron

Giving us glimpses of his experience on the field—from ignominious interceptions to come-from-behind wins—with self-deprecating humor and passion for the game, Steve Young shares his lifelong takeaways.

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How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People

Dr. Charles O'Reilly argues that the source of sustained competitive advantage already exists within every organization. O'Reilly's prescription for an overheated labor market: abandon the obsession with hiring high-priced stars, instead motivating ordinary people to build a great company and achieve extraordinary results.

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The Inspiring Leader

Jack Zenger explains the most impactful attribute shared by highly effective leaders.

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Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations

As a former federal mediator, Pat Cleary has been involved with just about every kind of negotiation. He describes common negotiation mistakes that unnecessarily complicate solutions and can prevent you from getting what you want. He then provides practical, effective methods that you can use to sidestep the pitfalls and stay focused on getting the best deal possible.

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How to Manage People Through Continuous Change

Change is now business as usual. But employees are increasingly skeptical about committing to business strategies that are constantly being redefined. Carol Kinsey Goman presents specific methods for communicating your plan and the negative consequences for your team if they don't get on board.

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A Leader's Legacy

Based on 25 years of research, Jim Kouzes explores the tough and often ambiguous issues that today's leaders must grapple with, including how you can't take trust for granted, why failure should always be an option, and how to liberate the leader in everyone.

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Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Tackling the serious topic of stress in his famously entertaining manner, Robert Sapolsky sets the stage on a Kenyan savannah, with a hungry lion in hot pursuit of a terrified zebra. As he explains, the zebra’s fight-or-flight response channels essential energy to its survival effort by shutting down and even damaging nonessential biological functions—in a temporary, short-term response.

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Going Viral (Creating Infectious Action)

Brand development is shifting from an advocacy marketing model (why one should buy a brand) to an ambassador model (how you can participate in the brand). Social media offers a platform that can rapidly transmit brand messaging to an audience while letting the audience participate in the message.

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Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

Citing intriguing examples from Oracle, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Comcast, and Starbucks, Charlene Li shows us how companies can use social media tools to develop more intimate and beneficial relationships with customers.

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