Medical Marijuana in the Workplace. Do You Have a Policy?

A Kantola Learning Minute

The use of medical marijuana is growing, and it’s only a matter of time before it enters your workplace. What guidelines and policies should you apply to keep everyone safe? Workplace trainer Linda Garrett, JD, explains in this Kantola Learning Minute.

Hi, I’m Linda Garrett. We had an interesting question today from an employer in a state that recently enacted medical marijuana legislation. And the question was, “As an employer, what do we do about that?” I think the answer is really straight forward and pretty simple: Treat medical marijuana as you would any other prescribed drug.

What you do when an employee has to take some other sort of medicine because of disability or illness or condition, and that medication could impair their ability to safely do the job or to effectively do their job. So, the way I would treat medical marijuana is exactly the way I would treat any other prescription drug. Is it going in impair your ability to do the job? And, if so, I may not be able to come up with a reasonable accommodation and, therefore, we may need to find another way to deal with this issue you have.

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