The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating

Featuring Margaret Neale


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Learn how to make the right business deal with this classic negotiation video.

The true-to-life drama in this negotiation course teaches specific skills that can give you the upper hand in any negotiation, while at the same time maintaining a positive working relationship with the other parties.

Learn about:
  • Why "anchors" control the range of negotiation, and how to make them work for you, not against you.
  • Bidding strategies, and the hidden meanings behind bids and offers.
  • When NOT to make the first offer, and how to make the right offer when you do.
  • Escalation of commitment, and when you have to be willing to walk away.

Stanford Graduate Business School Professor Margaret Neale narrates, analyzes, and instructs as you get an inside look at the negotiations that decide the fate of Curry Field and the Sluggers. Will Ted and Billy Curry stop their financial losses? Will Al Griggs get the ballpark he needs to field a winning team? Or will real estate developer Barbara Meyers prove too tough? 

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Supporting Materials

Study Guide:

When should you make the first offer? What should you do if your opponent doesn't know what's realistic? What information should you share if the negotiation is bogging down? These questions are all covered in the video, but this 45-page study guide is the perfect resource for review and reinforcement. It includes all the learning points of the negotiation video, plus additional examples, background and explanation.

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The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating

Margaret Neale

Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business


59 Minutes

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"I really like how the Stanford Negotiations video tells a story and then interweaves the theory (not just a talking head spouting theories). It is what I consider ideal for a video I can show to my university students. Too many people are quick to criticize but reluctant to say when they are pleased. I am pleased!"Sherry Robinson

Penn State
Sugarloaf, PA

"Good video. Clear learning points - humor - good value."Tom Bright

Quality Training Systems
Canyon Lake, CA