Managing Trust Through Transparent Leadership


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Program Highlights

  • 16 attributes that build trust, starting with: “Run a good operation.”
  • Why you need to address the macro situation, not just the new product or factory.
  • Peer-to-peer influence—why your employees are more trusted than your CEO.
Edelman’s annual “Trust Barometer” surveys opinion elites and mass populations across 27 nations, including both developing and developed countries. The latest statistics show a flat-lining trust in business along with more calls for regulation—in spite of steadily dropping confidence in government officials and their ability to get this done.

These trends should be a wake-up call for every business. As Richard Edelman explains, you need to stop worrying about competitors and start worrying about the Public—your biggest barrier to acceptance of new products. This requires listening to customers and communities, adopting the mantra of shared value, explaining “how” and “why” instead of just “what,” and showing how you will meet societal expectations of being a force for good in the world.

Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with 67 offices and more than 4800 employees worldwide. Among this firm’s many ground-breaking PR innovations were creating the first free consumer helpline (“Butterball Turkey Talk-Line”) and becoming the first PR firm on the web. Edelman recently helped Starbucks reach a record $11.7 billion in revenue with a comprehensive 40th Anniversary campaign.

Managing Trust Through Transparent Leadership

Richard Edelman

President & CEO, Edelman


45 Minutes