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Littler Videos Managing Minefields

Managing Minefields

The Challenges Managers Face
This program dramatizes common employee relations issues encountered by managers today. Utilizing a partnership model between management and human resources, it offers practical solutions and unites employment law compliance with leadership practices in a way that builds stronger employee relations while helping to minimize risks for the employer.

How well do your managers understand the risks?

(Protected Characteristics are just the beginning)
The first step in managing minefields is to understand where the challenges lie. Some of the most common areas of risk for employers are Protected Categories.
Many of the risks involved with these minefields involve understanding what categories or characteristics are protected by federal, state, and local law. These include:
  • Race or color
  • Age
  • Citizenship status
  • Gender, sex, or pregnancy
  • Religion
  • Veteran status
  • Disability
  • National origin or ancestry
  • Genetic information
And others (protected by federal, state, and local laws)
  • Harassment
  • Medical issues
  • Performance management
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Social media
  • Retaliation
The Productive Partnership Model
When management partners with Human Resources, they can:
  • Build practical, sustainable solutions;
  • Improve productivity and morale; and
  • Diffuse risk
When management engages their teams, it will:
  • Develop strong team dynamics;
  • Set the right tone early; and
  • Establish standards
Course runtime is 26 minutes

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