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The best managers know how to communicate with care, set clear expectations, resolve conflicts with ease, and inspire their employees for success by modeling great behavior. Anyone can be a good manager; we've designed these programs to give your managers and supervisors the knowledge they need to become great ones.

Employment Laws: What Supervisors Need to Know

Supervisors are your front line in preventing legal violations that could bring hefty penalties if employees are not managed properly. Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers need a clear understanding of potential legal issues that impact the workplace.

(19 Minutes)

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Management & Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers could use help or a refresher on understanding their people and knowing the right way to approach those tough challenges that seem to come up on a daily basis in the workplace.

(17 Minutes)

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The Power of Positive Discipline

This award-winning employee discipline program gives managers six steps of positive, progressive discipline which begin with coaching and escalate to stronger measures only as needed to solve the problem.

(21 Minutes)

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Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

Effective performance appraisals motivate your top employees to do even better and they tell underperformers exactly what is expected and how to improve. Make sure your performance appraisals increase productivity, resolve problems, and improve work satisfaction—both for your employees and supervisors.

(18 Minutes)

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Time Management (for Managers)

Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. Learn practical tools for getting a handle on your workday and your employees. After all, as a manager, you don't only get paid for what you do—you get paid for what your people do.

(26 Minutes)

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Legal Survival Skills for the Modern Manager

As a manager, you are expected to treat all of your employees evenhandedly and in compliance with the law. This management training video explains critical legal issues that every manager needs to understand.

(21 Minutes)

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