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Maine Harassment Prevention
What Employers Should Know About

Maine Sexual Harassment Prevention Training



All employers located or doing business in Maine, which employ more than 15 employees, must provide sexual harassment training to all employees

Relevant Maine laws1

Title 26 M.R.S.A., Section 806 & 807

What companies must provide training:

Employers2 with more than 15 employees

Who must be trained:

All employees and supervisors3

How frequently must employees be trained:

The law is silent on the need to train an employee more than once

When must employees be trained:

Within 1 year of being hired or promoted to supervisor

Minimum training requirements for all employees:

  • Training must include:
    • The illegality of sexual harassment
    • The definition of sexual harassment under state and federal laws and federal regulations
    • A description of sexual harassment, utilizing examples
    • The internal complaint process available to the employee
    • The legal recourse and complaint process available through the commission
    • Directions on how to contact the commission
    • The protection against retaliation
  • Additional interactive training to all supervisors including:
    • Specific responsibilities of supervisory and managerial employees
    • Methods that supervisors must take to ensure immediate and appropriate corrective action in addressing sexual harassment complaints
  • There is no minimum amount of training time so long as the training meets the minimum standards required
  • The training is not required to be interactive, although the Maine Human Rights Commission noted that that interactive training, including web-based training, is considered the most effective method of providing training
  • Employers shall use the checklist provided by the department to develop a sexual harassment training program
  • Employers shall keep a record of the training, including a record of employees who have received the training. Employers must keep a record of who has completed the training for at least 3 years

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