Liberating Leadership


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Program Highlights

  • How to create an environment where employees self-motivate.
  • Why you should embrace human nature rather than fight it.
  • Getting employees to own your vision of a freedom-based company.
When employees have the freedom and ability to act in the best interests of the company, performance improves. But does more freedom mean even better performance? Dr. Getz shares examples of phenomenal business results from companies whose leaders built total freedom-of-initiative organizations. These leaders understand that three universal human needs—intrinsic equality, opportunity for growth, and self-direction—must be met for all employees. To nurture and sustain the freedom culture, these leaders share their vision of the company so that employees can “own” it.
Among his examples: the president of Finland’s successful cleaning services company, SOL, ensures intrinsic equality by having employees determine the office space design, furnishings, company logo, work schedules, job titles and job responsibilities. Insurance leader USAA provides growth opportunities for 21,000 employees through robust onsite training and support for college courses or business degrees. And manufacturing leader W.L. Gore champions self-direction in a unique and innovative culture built on individualized job responsibilities and fluid, situational leadership.
Isaac Getz, coauthor of Freedom, Inc., is a professor at the ESCP Europe Business School French campus, and was a visiting professor at Cornell and Stanford Universities and at the University of Massachusetts.  He graduated in Computer Science, obtained an MS in Management Science, and PhDs in Psychology and in Management.

Liberating Leadership

Isaac Getz

ESCP Europe Business School


59 Minutes