Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage


Program Highlights

  • Why you can’t afford to ignore these emerging giants.
  • Four common “mindset” mistakes most companies make.
  • Lessons to learn from the few companies that got it right.
A successful China or India strategy is likely to become a matter of survival for multinational companies. China’s GDP will catch up to that of the U.S. by 2025, predicts Professor Gupta. By 2050, GDP of both China and India will reach or surpass that of the U.S., Europe and Japan combined. Strategies that capture market share, talent, and innovation opportunities in these emerging giants necessitate understanding their unique yet complementary strengths.
China and India share distinct economic realities: they offer mega markets and mega growth via micro customers; they are platforms for reducing global costs and boosting innovation capabilities; and they are springboards for the rise of new competitors. Most companies ignore these realities, but instead see only the opportunity for off-shoring and cost reduction. Other common mistakes include failing to recognize the sheer scale of their growth potential, making generalizations based only on what is known  about their largest cities,  and failing to tailor existing strategies  not designed for countries rich in market size while poor in per capita income. Professor Gupta describes successful efforts based on broader perspectives and multi-pronged, multi-year strategies.

Anil Gupta is the author of "Getting China and India Right." He is also the coauthor or coeditor of “Smart Globalization,” “Global Strategy” and “The Quest for Global Dominance: Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage.” He received his B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, and PhD in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage

Anil Gupta

PhD, Professor of Strategy and Organization, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland


56 Minutes



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