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Kantola Littler Partnership

Bringing the law

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A Collaborative Partnership

The Next Generation of Compliance Training
Kantola Training is proud to have a collaborative partnership with Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment practice. The first result of that partnership, the all-new and award-winning Harassment Prevention: A Commonsense Approach, combines Littler’s deep expertise with the law with Kantola’s ability to make complex subjects come to life in an interactive eLearning course that goes beyond compliance to effect real change.


The world’s largest labor and employment practice
With more than 1,700 labor and employment attorneys around the world, Littler provides workplace solutions that are local, everywhere. Their diverse team and proprietary technology foster a culture that celebrates original thinking, delivering groundbreaking innovation that prepares employers for what’s happening today, and what’s likely to happen tomorrow. Because at Littler, we’re fueled by ingenuity and inspired by you.


Award-winning workplace training (that actually works)
Serving over 16,000 clients in just the last six years, Kantola Training produces and distributes award-winning workplace training that goes beyond compliance to make workplaces better for everyone. We combine cutting-edge, real-world technology with our deep experience with creating high-quality video. Kantola’s Interactive eLearning combines the latest generation of software-based interactive exercises to put learners in the driver’s seat where their choices matter.

Harassment Prevention

A Commonsense Approach
Produced in direct collaborative partnership between Kantola Training and the Littler Learning Group, Kantola’s 4th-generation, all-new harassment prevention training course has already won industry awards for quality and is in use by governments, NGOs and companies of every size across all fifty US states and Canada.
Available as eLearning for online training or as a video on DVD, state-specific versions are available for California, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, and Maine.

More From Littler

Content created by the Littler Learning Group
The Littler Learning group has also created training videos on a number of other subjects that we feel might be of value to some of our customers, including training videos on how to give depositions as a witness, and navigating the potential minefields managers face.

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We have a collaborative partnership with Littler
World's largest labor and employment practice
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