Kantola Training and AB 1825, AB 2053, and SB 396 Requirements

Kantola Training has over thirty-five years’ experience producing training materials that help employers meet or exceed federal, state, and local requirements.

California has three major statues that address training requirements in the state:
  • AB 1825, regarding sexual harassment, signed in 2004
  • AB 2053, regarding abusive conduct, signed in 2014
  • SB 396, regarding gender and sexual orientation, signed in 2017
These bills stipulate that any California employer with 50 or more employees, or with employees based in the State of California, require that all of its supervisors or managers (those with the ability to hire, fire, or affect the compensation of others) complete a 2-hour minimum training class at least once every two years.

Kantola Training provides three online, interactive eLearning courses that help employers meet or exceed these requirements:
All three of these award-winning courses are available from Kantola as SCORM files for your organization’s LMS, or on Kantola’s own LMS, which gives administrators access to other training features including completion tracking, automated reminder emails, certificates of completion, and more.

Important Note: In order to comply with California regulations, employers must provide employees access to a "qualified trainer" who can answer questions related to the training within 2 business days of the question being asked. The definition of “qualified trainer" includes a human resource professional with a minimum of two years of practical experience in matters related to harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation. The trainer has to maintain documentation of all written questions received, and all written responses or guidance provided, for a period of two years.

More than just complying with the letter of the law, Kantola Training continues to produce courses that go above and beyond legal requirements and demonstrate not only what the laws are, but also why they matter, how they can affect others, and why embracing the spirit of kindness, diversity, and inclusion makes a better workplace for all of us. We look forward to working with you!
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