Case Study: Kahuna Payment Solutions (FlexPay Plus)

Bloomington, Illinois

A Kantola customer since 2013

In order to keep a busy call center up and running, Kahuna Payment Solutions (FlexPay PLUS®) offers training sessions over a 2-3 day period to small groups of employees at a time. “We keep it short and sweet,” says Angela Stine. “I introduce the subject and explain why it is important. Then I go right to the video. You can’t talk too much in advance or you lose your audience.”

While keeping the session brief, Angela then allows time for questions or discussion. “Everybody takes something away,” Angela believes. “The video covers a topic thoroughly, offering a lot of information in a short period of time.” She selects topics both proactively (harassment and diversity training are a must) and also in response to issues that come up in the workgroup (time management and conflict resolution, for example).

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