A Leader's Legacy

Featuring Jim Kouzes


Program Highlights 

  • How to create a vision that others will buy into.
  • The daily small differences that add up to making you a better leader.
  • How to make your employees two-and-a-half times as likely to be satisfied with their jobs.
Within all levels of every organization, each one of us has the opportunity to be a leader and a role model. Through our efforts, we can significantly encourage the success and productivity of those around us. But such influence takes work, especially if you want to leave a lasting impact. Based on 25 years of research, Jim Kouzes explores the tough and often ambiguous issues that today's leaders must grapple with, including how you can't take trust for granted, why failure should always be an option, and how to liberate the leader in everyone.

Kouzes explains that leadership is personal—that the people you lead need to know who you are and what you care about before they can follow you. He acknowledges that this closeness may feel risky, but in the end, it makes the task a bit easier when you have to give the bad news as well as the good. In this informative and motivating talk, Jim shares his conviction that we all want to live a life of significance, and he reminds us that the legacy we leave is the life we lead.

Jim Kouzes is the coauthor, with Barry Posner, of a number of books, including "A Leader's Legacy" and the award-winning "The Leadership Challenge," which has sold over one million copies. He is the former chairman, CEO, and president of the Tom Peters Company. The Wall Street Journal has cited him as one of the 12 most requested "non-university executive education providers" to US companies.

A Leader's Legacy

Jim Kouzes

Executive Fellow, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University


49 Minutes

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"I've used your videos in the past and found them useful and helpful for class education and support."William Bogertman

Sr. Training Officer
Columbia Bank
Fair Lawn, NJ

"James Kouzes has a wonderful, engaging style. His presentation is more of a personal conversation than a lecture. His slide show is also excellent for "take-aways.""Norm Turkington

NSW, Australia