Doing Well and Doing Good: Corporate Social Responsibility as a Profit Generator

Featuring Jeffrey Swartz


Program Highlights

  • Altruism, and the building of the Timberland brand.
  • A vision that defines work not only as what we do, but also as who we are.
  • The benefits of shared values and a common commitment to mission.

In an age when consumers and investors alike are gravitating toward companies whose brands they can trust, it's no longer enough to be solely focused on the bottom line. Timberland is proof that profit-minded companies can build on their success while "doing well" for shareholders and "doing good" for communities.

Jeffrey Swartz firmly believes in commerce, and that profits for Wall Street are necessary—but not sufficient. He also believes in commitment: to the basic human rights of everyone involved in the Timberland value chain; to minimizing Timberland's impact on the environment; and to the notion of engaged citizenship that encourages us to take the resources we have and find the will to create sustainable solutions that are good for everybody.

Jeffrey Swartz is the third generation of the Swartz family to lead Timberland. Under his direction, the company that his grandfather founded, along with the brand his father built, has grown to become an example for socially-responsible corporations around the world. Jeffrey received an MBA from Dartmouth and a BA in comparative literature from Brown.

Doing Well and Doing Good:

Jeffrey Swartz

President and CEO, Timberland Company


1 Hour 1 Minute


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